Saturday, August 22, 2015

DJ AGE Presents Dr Dre 'The Detox Chroniclez Vol.9 - The Finale' - INTRO PREVIEW 2015

Get the first preview of the official 'Intro' for the Dr Dre 'The Detox Chroniclez Vol.9 - The Finale' mix by DJ AGE.

Expect to see OFFICIAL suprise guest appearances on remixes from some of the big artists from the Deathrow Records Era to the new emerging Compton rappers.

Seeing as Dr Dre recently dropped his final studio album 'Compton' you can now expect to hear all NEW EXCLUSIVE DETOX MUSIC saved for the final installment of the tape series.

 Set to drop September 2015...stay tuned for more news and teasers dropping soon!


  1. Damn Man, i waiting for this shit since august 2015 !!!! Drop dat classic please !

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