Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Custom Snoop Dogg Platinum Plaque Designs

Custom Snoop Dogg Platinum Plaque designs now on special for a limited time only at $50 USD each! From 'Doggystyle' to 'I Wanna Thank Me' I have the best designs and can personalize to your needs and specifications.

Turnaround time is about 1-2 days and varies depending on the customized plaque requirements.

Any album, mixtape, movie or anything you can reward with a plaque can be designed. All payments direct with PayPal to assure customer satisfaction and protection at all times.

For further information please contact me direct here or on Twitter & Instagram @DJAGE or Facebook @DJAGEPRODUCTIONS

Monday, May 18, 2020

Custom Dr Dre Compton Platinum Plaque Design

Custom designed Dr Dre 'Compton...A Soundtrack by Dr Dre'  album Platinum Plaque design I recently completed for a couple of clients. If you are interested in any of these personalised or any other album/mixtape/single/movie etc please hit me up direct here or on Twitter/Instagram @DJAGE.

This plaque design was also requested and personalised for Aftermath producers and contributing artists on this album, which was an honour to say the least.Thank you! 

Friday, May 1, 2020

DJ AGE Presents Bad Lucc 'The Watts Riot 2' Official Mixtape

Coming straight from Watts, California and from Diamond Lane Music Group, the home to Problem we present Bad Lucc 'The Watts Riot 2' Official Mixtape. 

After releasing Volume 1 in 2007 it was only right we finally drop the second installment as requested by so many fans over the years.

Bad Lucc & DJ AGE have been working together since 2004/2005 when he first emerged on the scene featuring on the popular 'West Coast Connectz Volume 2' mixtape, where he also met fellow artist Problem who also featured on the tape. Since then we have watched him build a career in rap dropping multiple projects and working with the biggest artists in the game, most notably his signing to Snoop Dogg and forming 1/3 of the Westurn Union (Dubb Union) group with DPG's Soopafly & Damani. 

He then continued working and writing for artists and is the mastermind behind many popular hits by some of the biggest artists. Along with Problem they stayed connected and have been doing a lot of work together and finally now live on the same Diamond Lane Music Group label.

Enjoy this mix and share it around!

Sunday, April 19, 2020

DJ AGE & Death Row Records Present - Dr Dre's The Chronic Album 4/20 Streaming Release Promo 2020

Over the last week its been crazy linking up with the infamous Death Row Records who reached out to me to do something special for the classic Dr Dre album 'The Chronic' and its official release on streaming services for the first time in its 28 years.

This is the official promo for Social Media platforms and as much as we would love for this mix to go much longer we are restricted with time of 1 minute for quick posts!

Make sure you go to your streaming services on 420 to bump this timeless classic!

I had fun making this video cause Im not known to do much editing with videos but happy to get my hands on this one.

Thank you to Death Row Records for reaching out.


Friday, April 17, 2020

DJ AGE Presents Dr Dre 'The Detox Chroniclez Vol.10'

It's been 4 years since we dropped Dr Dre's 'The Detox Chroniclez Volume 9' back in 2016 and what was supposed to be back then 'The Finale' was not meant to be due to heavy popular demand and new tracks that cant be left in the vault any longer.

The series has been a major success world wide since its first debut in 2006/2007 headlining on Aftermath Entertainment & Dr Dre's official sites, Dre's Instagram page, Loud Records official site, and many more.  Unfortunately this will definetly be the final to the series at number 10 considering the 'Detox' project appears to be scrapped and a new album title under wraps.

Download all the latest Dr Dre Detox tracks, freestyles, exclusive remixes and unreleased tracks from both Aftermath and Death Row Records vault.
A must have for any Dre fan looking for them hard to find and exclusive tracks/freestyles.

Mixtape features the likes of Eminem,  Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Jon Connor, Dem Jointz, Anderson .Paak, Dawaun Parker and many more.

Shoutout to the homies KP & A-Lox at for supporting this mixtape series over the last 14 years, everyone at Aftermath Entertainment and the man himself Dr Dre.


Sunday, March 8, 2020

NEW Custom Eminem Platinum Plaque Designs

Here are a couple of custom Eminem Platinum Plaque designs I recently completed for a couple of clients. If you are interested in any of these personalised please hit me up direct here or on Twitter/Instagram @DJAGE.

The first is to commemorate the sales for 'Kamikaze' and the second for 'Music To Be Murdered By'


Wednesday, April 17, 2019

RIP Nipsey Hussle 1985-2019

As most know the homie Nipsey Hussle recently passed away which had a great impact on the industry and fans worldwide.

To me personally I always supported Nipsey from the first time I came across his music in 2007. At the time I was heavy in the mixtape game especially on the West Coast and he was one of the new artists I had reached out to and supported ever since. He was a humble artist and always happy to network and it is seen today how much he actually did, which goes way beyond music.

I watched him grow and continued to spin his music all these years and since his passing I can see he had such a positive impact on so many people across the globe. The long awaited #VictoryLap album was the best of 2018 to me and he left on such a super high from this earth. I would call him a modern day 2Pac as he had so much more to offer but yet had achieved so much at the young age of 33.

My condolences go out to his immediate family and close friends and to the people I respect and network with that knew him and were close to him also out in Cali.

In celebration of his life I designed a custom platinum plaque commemorating his most influential works to date and offering the custom design for fans at no addtional charge.

Long Live Nip and remember The Marathon Continues.

Keep your head up Blacc Sam I got you homie! #AllMoneyIn


Wednesday, October 31, 2018

No Limit Records Special Edition Platinum Plaque Design

After designing a Deathrow Records platinum plaque I had many more clients ask me to design something with Master P and No Limit Records.

This one has some of the best albums from No Limit Records and infamous covers from The Source, XXL to Murder Dog.

If your interested in getting one of these custom made please hit me up direct here or on Twitter/Instagram @DJAGE.


Saturday, October 13, 2018

Deathrow Records Special Edition Platinum Plaque Designs

Due to popular demand I recently designed a Deathrow Records platinum plaque for a client and the feedback from many was that they wanted something similar.

So I have designed this plaque which features the best of the best platinum albums from Deathrow Records and infamous magazine covers from The Source to Vibe.

If your interested in getting one of these custom made please hit me up direct here or on Twitter/Instagram @DJAGE.


Sunday, March 4, 2018

NEW Custom Platinum Plaque Designs

If your still after a personal platinum plaque design for your home, studio or man cave then look no further and message me direct here or on Twitter/Instagram @DJAGE to discuss rates and special offers we can do.

I've added a few extra designs for your viewing below to get an idea what you get.

The plaque can be anything you want from popular artists/producers/albums to favorite movies or even your own album/mixtape.

Doing cheap rates with very quick turn around time until April 2018 only so get in quick to book your spot cause they will go fast and we get a lot of requests for these.

Friday, January 19, 2018

NEWS & INFO: DJ AGE Presents 'West Coast Connectz Volume 4'

Finally after popular demand and requests from artists and producers the long awaited 'West Coast Connectz' mixtape series will return for Volume 4 in 2018.

The mixtape that started in 2003 and brought the world artists such as Bad Lucc, Problem, Crooked I, XL Middleton, Mykestro, Eastwood, Damizza, Yukmouth, Kokane, Dem Jointz, Quiz, Bad Azz, OG Daddy V,  Jay Rock, G Malone and many many more is finally getting relaunced with the good folks at DUBCNN.COM.

The exposure on this mixtape series is world wide and you can ask any artists that have featured on these tapes how BIG this mixtape really is. The last series was nearly 10 years ago back in 2008 and as you see this is only for the elite to take their slots and guarenteed to have the people and streets buzzin!

Submissions will open in the next few weeks for all artists, producers and managers to submit your best work.

Stay tuned and enjoy the artwork...

Heres a link to Volume 3 so peep the tracklist on the huge 3 CD mixtape

Monday, March 13, 2017

NEW Custom Movie Plaques - DJ Crazy Toones - 'CT Experience' DVD Plaque

For those interested in the record plaque designs posted lately here is a DVD demo completed for DJ Crazy Toones 'CT Experience' visual mixtape.

Definately dope in all aspects and I've had a few people involved in the project hit me direct for personalised copies of this plaque from artists to producers.


It was only right I did a tribute plaque for the lab for the legendary big homie!

Monday, March 6, 2017

*NEW* DJ AGE Music Production

Been in the lab the last few months working on production for some upcoming projects lined up set for 2017 with some new and established artists!

Take a take a listen of these new beats and hit me direct if interested in working on anything!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

NEW Custom Platinum Record Plaques Designs - SPECIAL OFFER

Lately there has been a very high demand from many artists, producers and even fans for custom platinum record plaque designs.

A few more have been added below for your viewing and if interested hit me direct here by leaving a comment or contact me on twitter/instagram @DJAGE.

Remember any album/mixtape/movie or anything you want designed like can be done!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Personal & Custom Platinum Record Plaques Designs - SPECIAL SALE!

If your interested in any personal Platinum Record Plaques to purchase then feel free to hit my store up direct where I have a few listed.

At the moment im offering personalized plaques to any album/mixtapes/street albums etc to artists, producers & fans. Pricing starts anywhere from $30-$100USD and ready to print on A2 for framing in full HD quality.

Hit me up if your interested on twitter @DJAGE or you can also check out my works on instagram @DJAGE also.

I have Dr Dre, 2Pac, Kendrick, Kid Ink & N.W.A plaques for sale at the moment at my store and if your an artist or producer and would like a personalized one done of a mixtape or album then that can definately be arranged, I can even do movie designs.

So far there has been a big demand for these and I have done some personal work for fans and artists who want their mixtapes displayed in the form of a record plaque for their studios. Perfect for any studio or home offices.

Will be happy to work on bundle deals and have added a few pics of some samples you can see below and the last one of final work framed on the wall (note design pics below are not in full HD quality you will get upon purchase).


Thursday, August 4, 2016

DJ AGE Presents Dr Dre 'The Detox Chroniclez Vol.9 - The Finale'

DJ AGE returns with the final exclusive and highly anticipated grand finale of the Dr Dre mixtape 'The Detox Chroniclez' series with Volume 9. The series has been a major success from its first debut in 2006/2007 and unfortunately this will be the final to the series seeing as Dre has officially confirmed Detox was scrapped.

Download the latest Dr Dre Detox tracks, freestyles and exclusive remixes and reference tracks.
A must have for any Dre fan looking for them hard to find and exclusive tracks/freestyles.

Mixtape features the likes of Snoop Dogg, Game, Eminem,  Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent, Ice Cube, Justus, King Mez, Anderson .Paak, Problem, Bad Lucc, Stat Quo, Jay Z, Dem Jointz and many more.


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

DJ AGE Presents Smigg Dirtee & The Jacka 'Tribute To The Jack' Collabs, Remixes & Unreleased Official Mixtape

Smigg Dirtee recently reached out a few weeks ago and wanted to drop a tribute mixtape for The Jacka and theres no way I would pass up the opportunity.

The official mixtape will feature unreleased material, remixes and collabs from Smigg & Jacka to the fans. 

Features will include Yukmouth, Gonzoe, Techniec, C-Bo, X-Raided & Mobb Deep just to name a few.

Stay tuned for this exclusive mixtape to be offered for FREE DOWNLOAD in the next coming weeks.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

DJ AGE Presents Bad Azz 'Im Baaack & I Aint Went Nowhere Vol.3' COMING SOON

A new year means new music for the people. Its officially confirmed with the OG homie Bad Azz that we will be releasing Volume 3 of the 'Im Baaack & I Aint Went Nowhere' mixtape series.

Set to drop 2016/2017 expect to hear some dope new music from the homie B.A.D and keep posted here for more information on this project...oh yeah the Dr Dre Detox Chroniclez Volume 9 project will drop next month also!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

DJ AGE Presents Dr Dre Compton Album Instrumentals

For a LIMITED time only grab a hard copy of 10 instrumentals from the Dr Dre 'Compton' album. 

01. Animals
02. Its All On Me
03. Just Another Day
04. Satisfiction
05. Talking To My Diary
06. Talk About It 
07. For The Love Of Money
08. Genocide (w/ Hook)
09. One Shot Kill 
10. Deep Water

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Due to high demand from the fans and die hard collectors its been requested for a while that I sell hard copies of some of my mixtapes. 

So visit eBay where I have listed a few mixtapes for sale at cheap rates, which cover the costs of pressing and delivery which is WORLDWIDE!

Offering specials where if you buy 3 you get a free mix!

Dont sleep because stock is limited and already has been selling like crack! If you have any requests please hit me up and will be happy to offer deals outside eBay with pay pal.


eBay Store

Saturday, August 22, 2015

DJ AGE Presents Dr Dre 'The Detox Chroniclez Vol.9 - The Finale' - INTRO PREVIEW

Get the first preview of the official 'Intro' for the Dr Dre 'The Detox Chroniclez Vol.9 - The Finale' mix by DJ AGE.

Expect to see OFFICIAL suprise guest appearances on remixes from some of the big artists from the Deathrow Records Era to the new emerging Compton rappers.

Seeing as Dr Dre recently dropped his final studio album 'Compton' you can now expect to hear all NEW EXCLUSIVE DETOX MUSIC saved for the final installment of the tape series.

 Set to drop September 2015...stay tuned for more news and teasers dropping soon!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

DJ AGE Presents Lil Eazy E & Hood Surgeon - Compton's Sons (RE-RELEASE)

It was only right with all the Straight Outta Compton movie hype and new Dr Dre 'Compton' album to re-release this classic mix that dropped in 2007 to the wider audience.

From the son of the legendary Eazy E comes Lil Eazy E and the son of Dr Dre we give you Hood Surgeon. Download this heat and acknowledge what N.W.A has done for the hip hop world in general from generation to generation.

01 - DJ-AGE- Intro
02 - LIL EAZY E- Gangsta Shit
03 - HOOD SURGEON- Eyez Of A Soulja
04 - LIL EAZY E- Me & My Gang
05 - HOOD SURGEON- Still Smokin
06 - LIL EAZY E- That Fire
07 - HOOD SURGEON- Malpractice
08 - EAZY BUST IT- Skit
09 - LIL EAZY E- Lets Get Paid (Dopeman)
10 - NEWS- Skit
11 - HOOD SURGEON- Non Stop
12 - LIL EAZY E- Boyz N Tha Hood 2007
13 - HOOD SURGEON- Ride 2 This
14 - LIL EAZY E Feat KOKANE- Life Of A G
15 - WHAT THE FUCK- Skit
17 - LIL EAZY E- Coming From Compton
18 - HOOD SURGEON- Show Em Whats Up
19 - LIL EAZY E- Consequences
20 - HOOD SURGEON- Hood Banger
21 - LIL EAZY E- Letter To My Homeboys
22 - HOOD SURGEON Feat FRANK LEE- Wit Me Or Against Me
23 - LIL EAZY E Feat KINGS OF LA- In Tha City
24 - HOOD SURGEON- All I Need
25 - HOOD SURGEON- Paradise

Monday, April 13, 2015

DJ AGE Presents Kendrick Lamar 'Tu Pimp A Caterpillar' (Tu-P-A-C)

DJ AGE presents the latest heat & hits from Kendrick Lamar and the TDE/Aftermath family. 

In celebration of the recent album 'To Pimp A Butterfly' which was was suppose to be Tu Pimp A Caterpillar (Tu-P-A-C) in memory of the late and greatest 2Pac.

Download the latest heat right here.

Mixtape features the likes of Dr Dre, ScHoolboy Q, Game, Ab Soul, Jay Rock, Dom Kennedy, Jhene Aiko, K Boy, George Clinton, 2Pac, Drake, MC Eiht, Terrace Martin and many more.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

DJ AGE Presents Dr Dre 'The Detox Chroniclez Vol.8'

DJ AGE returns with the exclusive and highly anticipated Dr Dre mixtape 'The Detox Chroniclez" series 8. The series has been a major success from its first debut in 2007.

Download the latest Dr Dre Detox tracks and exclusive remixes and reference tracks.
A must have for any Dre fan...Look out for Detox coming soon.

Mixtape features the likes of Snoop Dogg, The Game, Eminem,  Kendrick Lamar, Crooked I, 50 Cent, Ice Cube, Nate Dogg and many more.


Thursday, December 4, 2014

DJ AGE Mixtape Updates

Even though its been a quite year due to family priorities in 2014 expect to see new projects early 2015 from mixtapes to production with some of your favourite artists.

Expect to see the next installment of the highly anticipated Dr Dre mixtape series The Detox Chroniclez as Volume 8 is set to drop early 2015.

Also look out for Long Beach's very own Bad Azz to drop Im Back And I Aint Went Nowhere Volume 3.

Other mixtapes and work to be dropped in 2015 with Bad Lucc, Kid Ink, Gonzoe, Yukmouth, Crooked I, DJ Mustard, Mac Lucci and many more. Also expect to see the return of the Home Grown Radio Mix Down on Home Grown Radio.

Stay tuned and keep your ears open for the new year and may God bless all my supporters out there all over the globe for their continued support over the years. It means a great deal to me and is the main reason I do what I do.