Sunday, January 8, 2012

DJ AGE Launches 'MegaMix Ringtones' - FREE 2PAC SAMPLE

Due to a high request and demand from people i have decided to launch my very own personalized 'MegaMix Ringtones' which will be compatible for both iPhone & Android smartphones. NO NEED TO BUY TONES FROM iTUNES ANYMORE!

If your interested in having ANY artist, songs etc all mixed in one ringtone then hit me up on 

Prices start as low as $0.99 for basic 30-40 second tones with a 24-48hr turnaround* (this depends on the extent of the request)

I can also arrange to make personal tones to suit your needs without using any industry artists, songs etc. Use all original music, sounds, voice overs, imaging and so on. 

As a start off promo im offering for FREE a special '2Pac MegaMix' as a sample of what you can expect to get.

I have also included a short 0:17 second clip i use for radio imaging as another sample to show how custom i can make these and what you can fit in 30-40 seconds.

Feel free to adjust this sample anyway you like.

NOTE: All tones will be untagged & professionally mastered.


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