Friday, June 3, 2011

DJ AGE Presents XL Middleton 'The Hedonistic Mixtape' Official Mixtape

DJ AGE & XL Middleton have connected once again to bring the people 'The Hedonistic Mixtape'.

This mixtape features all new and unreleased music from XL Middleton heaters with the essence of real G-Funk & West Coast summer time feeling to the music.

This is a must have for any West Coast, G-Funk fan...the music is on point & the mixing is on point. 

One of the best mixtapes for 2011 as far as the music & mixing side of things is concerned.

With features such as King T, Young Sau, Clinton Wayne, Black & Mild, Reality Jonez and many more, you cant go wrong.

FREE download available also on

01) Let It Get Into You (Feat. Clinton Wayne & Lady Deuce) (Prod. by XL Middleton)
02) Take Me To LA (Feat. Reality Jonez) (Prod. by J Schon)
03) XL Interlude 1
04) King Shit (Feat. BlackWest & Reality Jonez) (Prod. by XL Middleton)
05) XL Interlude 2
06) Old Times Sake (Feat. Harold Blue) (Prod. by XL Middleton)
07) She's A Magician (Prod. by XL Middleton)
08) Tip Toe (Feat. Clinton Wayne) (Prod. by Docc Free)
09) In Hate With You (Feat. Gen Aqui'la) (Prod. by XL Middleton)
10) Never Know (Prod. by Sic Sense)
11) Upside Down (Feat. Harold Blue & Lady Deuce) (Prod. by Aceman)
12) XL Interlude 3
13) Changed Ya Ways (Feat. Rev, Young Sau, Zone, SD, & Moniquea) (Prod. by XL Middleton)
14) Voicemail Interlude 1
The Four Loko Theme (Feat. Reality Jonez) (Prod. by XL Middleton)
16) Round & Round (Feat. King Tee) (Prod. by Doggmaster)
17) Voicemail Interlude 2
18) The Medicine (Feat. Clinton Wayne) (Prod. by XL Middleton)
19) Low Key (Feat. SD) (Prod. by XL Middleton)
20) I Like (Feat. Harold Blue) (Prod. by XL Middleton)
21) Voicemail Interlude 3
Refill (Feat. Harold Blue, Reality Jonez, Lady Deuce, & Dink) (Prod. by xXx Productions)
23) Feel So West Coast (Throw Back Track) (Prod. by XL Middleton)
24) Gettin Home (Feat. Slo-Mo)
25) Voicemail Interlude 4
26) Miss Me When I'm Gone (Prod. by xXx Productions)


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